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Russell Crowe has slammed Woman's Day after the publication incorrectly claimed he was dating Love Child actress Sophia Forrest, 22.

In their Monday edition, the magazine alleged unnamed sources said the 53-year-old was 'smitten' with the budding star.

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‘Love is not a big enough word,’ she announced in a post, before re-tweeting another one of Russell’s posts – a loved-up habit she’s always failed to hide from overjoyed fans.

the Oscar-winner was a ‘dear friend’, but that there was ‘nothing going on’.

Taking to Twitter, the Gladiator star labelled the claims as 'deliberate lies'.

In their story on Monday, the publication claimed that Sophia had met Russell's two young sons, Charlie, 13, and Tennyson, 10, who he shares with ex Danielle Spencer, 48, and has the tick of approval from his boys.'She has a wonderful exuberance and is a lot of fun, but she's also really down-to-earth and has a direction in life, which he likes,' a 'friend' reportedly told the magazine.

she’s an absolute champion.’ For the full story, see this week’s New Idea – Out now.

when he was attacked by a stingray off the coast of northern Australia and died in 2006.The insider also reportedly said the Robin Hood star was “quietly amused” that no one had picked up on the fact that he and Sophia are dating.It’s thought Russell is good friends with the actress’ father Andrew Forrest, an Australian businessman who recently donated a staggering 0 million to charity from his multi-billion fortune.There’s a lot of FRICTION between Black men and Black women.We can lie to ourselves and pretend that the problem is not there, or we can do something to try and address this problem.In looking at these pictures I notice that a lot of brothers are now dating Asian women, and there’s nothing wrong with that because when two people are in love, their skin color shouldn’t matter.

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