White men for black women dating thedatingleague com

I thought about all of the white guys that I had the pleasure to be involved with, And not one could care less about the superficial stuff.

So I'm pretty much suppose to be smiling, preppy-dressed and June Cleaver-ish??? The funny thing about that indicator is it doesn't even work for white women looking to date white men.

I have dated interracially for years (I'm 49), and the information in this book made me laugh out loud.

The author directs the reader to IMO, make the white guy feel comfortable by going out of her way to do this and do that. Don't wear too much jewelery and African colors, as this can come later after you basically have secured assured receptive interest.

And if you know nothing about them, what makes you want to date them anyway?

Surely it's not because you buy into the author's contentions that most black males are either inmates or emotionally immature "players" taking advantage of the "surplus" numbers of black women?

He also used such a limited vocabulary that I felt I was reading a young adult novel on par with R. The entire book reads like a poorly written high school term paper.

My third major complaint was the seemingly racist and patronizing attitude the author displayed toward blacks.

The book had potential, but that was lost within the context of stereotypes and assumptions.

There are other really good books on this subject that are really wonderful and written by women of color that are involved with non black men; I'll stick with those.

But I will say there is a double standard with interracial dating when it comes to sistahs.

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