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There was a piece of the brazilian rosewood missing out of the back that has been replaced with Indian rosewood (see pics). It needs a neck re-set, a bridge replacement, and some attention to the top.

It has a new laquer finish but its 100 year old age still shows as it is not wise to sand a guitar this old very much. The guitar could use a neck reset or a new thicker fingerboard in order to make it play more easily. Overall length: 95,4cm Scale length: 62.6cm Body Length 47.3cm Body width: Upper bout 24.1cm Waste 19.4cm Lowere bout 33.3cm Body depth: Increasing from 8.3 to p.4cm.

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Also, the Equis electronics no longer work, and I’m hoping you have some advice on how to get it fixed.

David Bloomington, Illinois Hey David, Cool guitar—I actually have one just like it!

The EA36 was discontinued in 1997, and the last retail price was 00.

Looking at pictures of your guitar, it appears to be in Low Excellent condition, with a few dings.

I've tried contacting Washburn through thier website but no response for that or other Washburn's that I have.

:( i have this guitar and can't find any info on it anywhere can any one help here the serial number is K830293 its got one double pick-up at the bridge,...it worth anything.i've seen stuff on the force series but not the force 31...is not a bass guitar.It has a 22 fret neck and the color is candy apple red...thanks and looking forward to some feedback. need to know if top and sides are solid or laminate and what year.Get some pretty good tone out of it and it does have a phase switch (in addtional to the coil tap) so it's prett versatile.Washburn is actually something of a pioneer in electrified acoustics, and their Festival Series became popular stage instruments.

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