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Our concession (the area where the Supreme Council of Antiquities permits us to dig) is a tract of low desert that was until recent decades covered with deep sand, apparently laid down during the later Old Kingdom (2575-2134 BC).

Beneath the sandy layer lies a compact surface of gray soil, which resulted from a rapid, seemingly intentional, toppling of mud brick settlement walls.

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After testing an old hypothesis about a barracks west of Khafre’s pyramid, and inspecting the desert bowl of Area B, we turned our attentions to an area Mark Lehner proposed as the most likely place to find the pyramid city and the infrastructure for pyramid building.

Popularly referred to as the Lost City of the Pyramids, locally known as Gebel Qibli, we have designated the site Area A.

“Whether [building] galleries or enclosures, these ancient Egyptians had a penchant for organization of rank and file, a penchant that may have built the great Giza Pyramids within the lifetimes of their kings.” Since 1988, the excavations of the Giza Plateau Mapping Project have focused on an ancient urban site about 400 meters (1312 feet) south of the Sphinx.

Our goal is to find evidence of the social and economic structures that supported the building and maintenance of the Giza pyramids.

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During the past 17 years, we have completed more than 43 months of work at Giza.

All of the evidence—pottery, seal impressions, and stratigraphy—suggest that the ancient occupants abandoned the settlement at the end of the 4th Dynasty (2575-2465 BC), the period of Giza pyramid building.

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We are fortunate to know, with a high degree of probability, the stratigraphic relationships—what came before what—of major components of a 4,500-year- old urban site covering an area of about ten football fields.

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