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The enamored Rattrap then wanted to be a Mini-Con too, and had an uncomfortable Tailgate wield him into battle with Trypticon.

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Due to an accident with the quantum engine, the Lost Light was duplicated and another Tailgate woke up to bond on a different Lost Light. We dunno because the Decepticon Justice Division showed up and killed everyone!

Ratchet soon discovered Tailgate's age when he studied his ancient systems, and called Swerve in to carbon-date him.

A blast into Smeltdown's chest-furnace obliterated most of the sewer-dwellers, leaving only the ape-like Rotgut.

However, a little quick thinking, and Tailgate was able to use the larger machine's bulk against him, flipping Rotgut into the pyre left in Smeltdown's wake. and also not very good at watching his friends' backs in a fight.

The terrain collapsed out from under him, leaving him badly damaged and trapped underground, but he soon hit upon the plan of detonating the trailer-full of energon rations he had brought with him in hopes of blasting his way out.

Unfortunately for him, he kept repeatedly passing out as he set this up, and with his chronometer damaged had no way of measuring the passage of time.

Tailgate appeared to give him a lift home from school and attempted to cheer him up, reminding him that as an Honorary Autobot he had nothing to worry about.

Their drive was interrupted by a crowd gathering around a display put on by a pair of robed figures (secretly Rumble and Frenzy), decrying the Autobots and preaching the heroism of the Decepticons.

And it ultimately will—while he's a 'Bot with a spark of gold, he's broadly unfocused, frequently distracted and easily led, and often gets impulsive, irrational obsessions. In spite of this, he sometimes acts as a scout, with strict orders not to break cover for any reason.

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