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Almost ten years ago in 1995 the paradigm of the tool changed again. Screen output doesn't look as nice, but you can still run code in VFP 8 almost 20 years after you have written it.A procedural programming language became an object oriented tool that continues to develop into a component based design. Just try to run a Turbo Pascal 3.0 program in Delphi 7.0. Visual Fox Pro is almost fully backward compatible.

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This had far reaching consequences on performance, but also on stability.

Every time a new entry is added to the name table, Visual Fox Pro has to search all existing entries to find conflicting names.

The actual internals of Fox Pro are the intellectual property of Microsoft and are not publicly disclosed.

Everyone who really knows how Visual Fox Pro works inside is prohibited to talk about this by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Once upon a time, x Base wasn't a programming language, it was a tool to automatically retrieve and manipulate data.

Users of x Base tools weren't primarily developers; they were experts in a huge variety of different areas that used Fox Base, d Base, and similar tools to manage their data.During program execution, Visual Fox Pro is not in an idle loop and therefore doesn't perform a garbage collection.Until Visual Fox Pro 5.0 this had the effect that more and more entries in the name table have been marked as being invalid, but have not been released.Other information come from sample code that Microsoft ships.Most pieces, however, come from tests and observation, not only from me, but many, many developers in various forums.This term refers to the process of removing invalid entries in lists, free out-dated cache entries, compact memory by moving memory blocks around, checking access to temporary files, and so forth.

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