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A lot of them were pay-sites, but I'd been working with computers since the late eighties when most people didn't even know about the internet, so I never had to give my credit card details.

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Selina and myself had our own house soon, and a couple of cars when I was in my late teens. It was the usual thing - we'd married too young and we seemed to drift apart.

Our second daughter Melissa was born in 1986, when I was 19 and Selina 23. We split up in 1994 after almost a decade of reasonably good marriage, and Selina moved out of our large home in New York and moved to her parents house.

I was just 14 when I lost my cherry to an 18-year-old girl called Selina, but in our eagerness to fuck that Spring day in 1981, we didn't use precautions.

The following year, my first daughter Helen was born.

The drapes were open, looking out on the large garden which was bathed in silvery moonlight that contrasted with the warm glow of the lamps in the office. "I'm just going," she sighed, "It's Sunday tomorrow, no school." "You should still be in bed by now honey.

Most of the furniture is deep oak, giving it a very grand appearance. Even if there's no school tomorrow, you're still only 12 and shouldn't be up half the night." "Oh alright then..if I go to bed early I'll only be awake at dawn, running about, watching TV loudly and preventing you from lying in.

Having an erect cock in the presence of my 12-year-old daughter, especially when she was so pretty and wearing just panties and a T-shirt, was a little unerving. " I told her, averting my gaze from her body and instead looking at her big dark eyes.

"It's too warm," Melissa pouted, "It's gonna be about 70-degrees during the night, according to the forecast." "Well, just as long as you're comfortable," I told her, turning to my computer screen and pretending to look up something technical on a computer web-site. " Melissa continued, standing behind me and wrapping her slender arms around me, "Come on daddy, don't be an old scrooge!

My little girl was clearly starting her journey through puberty.

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