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My mother in law was in town (she felt for some reason that she should stay for my appointment, and cancelled her scheduled flight a few days prior).When the ultrasound began, the air in the room shifted.

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He travels quite a bit, and is much in demand, so he is very rarely in the hospital.

This just so happened to be his week of hospital rotation (…just so happened…), and he would see me in the morning for a confirmation of the diagnosis I had received.

We have learned recently that our fourth daughter, Audrey Caroline, will not officially join our family the way we thought she would.

This is the darkest time of our lives, no question.

If you are here that means that you may want to become a part of the story that God is weaving us into, and we welcome that.

I decided to start this blog because we are humbled and overwhelmed by the number of you who have contacted us, wishing us well, praying for us, bringing offerings on our behalf during this season.

Later that night, as I rocked Kate to sleep, I began to weep.

We had no indication that there was a problem with the baby, but my intuition had been busy since conception.

BUT, there is unspeakable joy in knowing how God will use this for His glory.

We beg you to engage yourself in the latter In a way, the story of Audrey’s sickness began with a bunny.

I climbed down off the table and sat by Todd, laying my head in his lap and whispering, “Is this happening? He told me that as he did the ultrasound, he would be mumbling to his geneticist, and that I should take no note of this. This was a moot point, as everyone in the room knew that the mumbling was just a quiet way of whispering death.

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