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Lakefront towns dot the shoreline, each with their own appeal.

Winter and springtime snow lets you carve it up at world-class alpine resorts.

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Wright, who also played a heroic Amazon general in this summer’s hit “Wonder Woman,” and the “debonair Frenchman” were were first pictured together in September during Paris fashion week at a soccer match at Parc des Princes Stadium.

Wright’s son, Hopper, from her previous marriage to Sean Penn, was with her and Giraudet.

In the winter, Lake Tahoe, with its nine ski resorts, welcomes skiiers and alpine adventurers form around the world and during the summer months allows for world-class boating and competitive yachting to take place on its waters.

Lake Tahoe has a storied history dating back to its first native inhabitants, the Washoe Indians.

The ski resorts are world-class, the water sports are epic, and the hiking and mountain-biking options are some of the best in the country.

Discover the unique towns that surround the lake’s crystal-blue water and explore as much as you can outside.

Today, it is home to a diverse swath of people, all of whom consider themselves extraordinarily fortunate to live in a place of such overwhelming natural beauty and vibrancy.

With nearly as many golf courses as ski resorts, Lake Tahoe is a duffer’s paradise—not to mention that the views are alpine knockouts.

Dern’s last high-profile relationship was with actor Billy Bob Thornton back when she was a young, up-and-coming star.

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