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Additional plant-specific review is required for the remaining issues.

The Commission has adopted the following definition of purpose and need for license renewal from the GEIS: The purpose and need for the proposed action (renewal of an operating license) is to provide an option that allows for power generation capability beyond the term of a current nuclear power plant operating license to meet future system generating needs, as such needs may be determined by State, utility, and, where authorized, Federal (other than NRC) decisionmakers.

The Commission has provided the criterion to be used in evaluating the environmental impacts, as follows [10 CFR 51.95(c)(4)]: ...

Of the 24 issues not meeting the criteria set forth above, 22 were classified as Category 2 issues requiring analysis in a plant-specific supplement to the GEIS.

The remaining two issues, environmental justice and chronic effects of electromagnetic fields, were not categorized.

Each of the remaining 24 issues that apply to the CCNPP is addressed in this SEIS.

For each applicable issue, the staff concludes that the significance of the potential environmental effects of renewal of the operating license is small. The NRC staff recommends that the Commission determine that the adverse environmental impacts of license renewal for Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 and Unit 2 are not so great that preserving the option of license renewal for energy planning decisionmakers would be unreasonable.

The staff reviewed the BGE environmental report (ER) and compared it to the GEIS, consulted with Federal, State, and local agencies, conducted an independent review of the issues following the guidance set forth in the draft , NUREG-1555, Supplement 1, and considered the public comments from the scoping process and the comment period for the draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for CCNPP.

This supplemental EIS (SEIS) includes the NRC staff's analysis that considers and weighs the environmental effects of the proposed action, the environmental impacts of alternatives to the proposed action, and alternatives available for reducing or avoiding adverse effects.

whether or not the adverse environmental impacts of license renewal are so great that preserving the option of license renewal for energy planning decisionmakers would be unreasonable.

Both the statement of purpose and need and the evaluation criterion implicitly acknowledge that there are factors, in addition to license renewal, that will ultimately determine whether CCNPP continues to operate beyond the period of the current operating licenses.

These 69 issues were identified in the GEIS as Category 1 issues.

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