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The Internet gave us access to the philosophies and work of an increasing number of social scientists and futurologists who are studying the relationship between human beings, technology and society at large.

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The choice was deliberate, to assess how much of consumer awareness and sensitivity went into the process of technology innovation.

Finally, we visited 250 homes in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Chennai.

It is that sensitivity that creators of domestic technologies need to keep in mind.

While most domestic technologies embody notions of efficiency, so-called labour saving devices have not actually had that effect.

The change she advocates is to design not for efficiency, but for experience, affect and desire. As an anthropologist, she believes that technology creators must draw and learn from the rich cultural heritage of the home and the hearth.

Philips’s Home of the Near Future is based on the belief that ‘the Home of the Future will look more like the home of the past than the home of today’.

How can technology brands ride on the wave of social and cultural transformation?

We explored the web of interconnections between technology creators, users and forecasters, to uncover those possibilities which hold the key to making technology brands successful.

The sample was divided between SECs A, B and C, with a skew towards the upper SECs, because the number of devices they would be using was greater.

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