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He runs into Serena there and ends up on a date that with her so she does not have to go to the "Kiss On The Lips" party which Blair is throwing.They have a rocky first date, going to his dad's concert.The date is ended early because he gets a text from Jenny saying that she needs help at the party. Dan is highly embarrassed after this, as at the end of the date he only waves to her from a taxi.

However, Jenny reveals that Eric is the actual patient, which then causes Dan to respect Serena for protecting her family.

This event actually strengthens their relationship, instead of weakening it like Blair had intended it to do.

Dan and his family live in Brooklyn, New York, the alternative of the old-moneyed and conservative Upper East Side. Jude's Preparatory School for Boys on the West Side as a scholarship student.

His life changed dramatically when his father, Rufus Humphrey, married the wealthy Lily van der Woodsen, moving the family to the Upper East Side.

Serena then goes on stage and lies to protect the real patient at the Centre: her brother.

Dan is surprised at Serena's apparent problem, especially after it seems that Serena has been making a real effort to change from her old partying ways.

He is described as being attractive and sensitive, loves to write poetry, and one of his poems, "Sluts," was featured in The New Yorker.

He revealed his favorite word is death and drinks copious amounts of dark coffee. Dan is very close and protective of little sister Jenny who attends an exclusive private school, called the Constance Billard School for Girls, a small, elite, all-girls school located at 93rd and Madison Avenue.

He is one of the central male characters in the television adaptation of the same name, where he is portrayed by Penn Badgley.

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