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KPC: Keeping Parents Clueless MOS: Mom Over Shoulder P911: Parent Alert PAL: Parents Are Listening PAW: Parents Are Watching PIR: Parent In Room POS: Parent Over Shoulder Your kid's personal information or safety is at risk ASL: Age/Sex/Location F2F: Face to Face. TDTM: Talk Dirty To Me Not every acronym is bad BRB: Be Right Back CWYL: Chat With You Later CYT: See You Tomorrow IMHO: In My Humble Opinion IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion L8R: Later LMK: Let Me Know NM: Never Mind ROTFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing SOHF: Sense Of Humor Failure If you're curious about another acronym that you've stumbled across in your kids' texts or chat, look it up on Net Lingo.

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You probably use some of these yourself: LOL = laugh(ing) out loud GR8 = great IRL = in real life TYVM = thank you very much IMHO = in my humble opinion BRB = be right back J/K = just kidding L8R = later NP = no problem WYD= what you doing?

While most of these terms are completely innocent, some child safety experts warn there can be more than meets the eye with texting codes.

Of course, you never know what sites they might be using that you don't know about.

That's where monitoring and tracking apps and software come in handy. Just be sure to communicate with your kids about why certain sites are bad so they can grow into responsible digital citizens.

If they know you're watching, they're less likely to do something they shouldn't.

Plus, you can keep an eye to make sure they aren't revealing information they shouldn't or talking to people who aren't safe.

Some strange texting lingo might double as code for suicidal thoughts, bullying, sex and drugs.“The stakes are high, and today’s parents need new ways to safeguard their teens from the harmful side effects of online interaction,” says Brian Bason, CEO of Bark, a safety app parents and teens download that monitors sites and services teens use for red flag words and the context they're using them in.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, suicide is the second leading cause of deaths for young adults and adults ages 15 to 34.

In fact, you should start before they're teens with my 10 Commandments for Kids Online.

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