dating worksheet - Northern men dating southern women

You become best friends with real Northerners, not the ones who were born in the North and spent most of their lives in the South. Do you think we would forfeit our way of life if it weren't for saving money? For example, I’m Bianca the loud, crazy girl from New York. Everyone thinks you’re insulting them but in the North, we’re just blunt.

Because everyone from up North sounds the same and therefore, obviously, is from New York. And everyone thinks everyone from New York is either from Manhattan or Brooklyn.... They always ask us, "What brought you to the South? College up North is expensive; we live like gods down here. You become that girl from whatever region from the North you are from.

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After 18 years of moving all over the northeast, to Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont, it only took one semester in southern Virginia to enlighten me into the world of southern gentleman to make me realize what I had been missing all my life.

At first, I thought I must be crazy to think that there could be such a change in people...

Here are 15 reasons Northern guys make the best boyfriends...

Whatever Northern breed you go for, whether he's a Geordie, scouse or ANY man north of the Watford Gap we promise you he won't disappoint.

Living in the North is way different from the South, obviously.

Many Northerners appreciate the foreign Southern states for their warmth and down home feelings but it wears off after you’ve been here for a while. Don't believe the lies these pizza joints tell you. We don’t even get excited about it anymore we know it isn’t happening.

They all wear leggings, cropped tops, bodycon, shift dresses, Michael Kors, Hunter boots, Uggs, rain boots, workout clothes (when they aren’t working out), and their idea of style vs ours, are two totally different things.

Girls spend a lot of money on nails and brows down here. If I’m paying for some acrylics, they better have studs, colors, gel, and my feet better have the same and my brows better be included. All the girls wear the same things and you no longer bother to look nice except on days you want to feel pretty again.

Literally, none of the guys I have dated up north have ever done that.

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