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Founders of (DMS), Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer posed a similar question—and solved it.

As classmates at Columbia MBA, they overheard a female student from the Columbia nursing school gripe that her school was nearly 90 percent girls.

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I sat her down to set the record straight: is a part of fate, fad, or the future?

Q: is for marriage-seekers, Ok Cupid is for hookups, who is DMS for?

Q: On the note of instant gratification, studies have shown that a popular college ritual is to consume fermented drinks at social gatherings and continue a special ritual called a “One Night Stand.” It seems to be a key process in the college rite…doesn’t DMS kind of defeat the whole point of being in college?

A: I disagree—the point of college is not to meet people drunk. You go to college to thrive academically; Date My will take care of the social part.

We don’t consider ourselves an “online dating site.”Q: So DMS holds the potential to circumvent factors of fate? A: Our privacy features are unsurpassed—users will always remain anonymous and non-searchable on Google. I tried it for “research.”A: We’re exclusive to college and university students.

A: By being able to filter people, it increases the success rate of a match. Q: People can Google search you if you use other sites like OKCupid?! That means one e-mail equals one real person, you need a “.edu” account to sign up.

The study revealed that has a very large data base and allow its users to have access to multiple profiles, in comparison to e Harmony that gives their customers a limited amount of accounts to view.

Even with the restriction from e Harmony, their users are still happy to pay 25 percent more of Match’s membership fee.

Though people do, it’s only because we’re all searching for connection.

Once upon a time, people used to meet each other in bars, through a friend or at a park.

But times have changed, for better or worse is subjective.

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