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Same thing with divorce, while some are justified many others are not and no I don't want a man who failed at marriage either. If I had to choose it would either be widowed or divorced with no kids (depending on the views).

After that comes divorced with kids and never married with kids and neither of these cases are ones I would be involved with unless the guy adopted as a single dad and there is no mom. Has she been focusing on career, or does she hate men and realize that she want children.

If dating is a “numbers game”, we need systematically more effective ways to raise the numbers. " I've never seen it with any of my remarried friends, kids, no kids, doesn't matter. But when I see a man say "I don't want to deal with another man's kids, or drama with a woman's ex", you know what? This means I would be able to support myself and not expect her to support me.

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Online dating was an initially promising alternative, but has become widely discredited. Personally, I would choose never married with no kids, hands down.

We need better ways for men and women to meet, to talk, to assess one another. I read some of these threads and think "Man, some people have dealt with some serious drama!! I also prefer a women who can support herself and is successful in her career since I would want someone at equal levels.

I don't know why someone would even ask such a question with such an obvious answer? You do your duty and stick it out for at least 20 years....unless you are horribly abused by your spouse... She will never come first and yet will be expected to be involved with the kid.

She may see her paycheck go to support another man's family while she gets crumbs.

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I am a single mom and do not want for dates with great guys.

Some of these great guys also are divorced and have kids.

Today’s society is all about “fulfillment” in marriage.

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