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They pop in the i Calendar URL, and it shows up in the recipients Google Calendar.You’ll see below I’m subscribing to two Exchange 2010 SP1 calendars – my personal one and my team’s: (In my case – this is one aspect I personally like about the feature.

ms outlook shared calendar not updating-10

It’s enabled by default but should it need re-enabling it’s pretty straightforward using Powershell.

Here’s a quick example: Next up, a sharing policy needs to be configured to allow anonymous access. The EMS example below changes the Default Sharing Policy to only allow anonymous access with maximum access level of Calendar Sharing with Free/Busy plus Subject, Location and Body.

A federated domain proof string will be created for each additional domain selected so ensure to create separate TXT records on your public DNS for each additional domain.

You will have to create a DNS txt record in the public dns for all domains else you will have to remove them until you get their dns TXT record created.

The recipient then can simply refer to the calendar via a web browser, or by using any i Calendar compliant software or web app they can subscribe to the shared Calendar.

Getting back to the anonymous part, there are two options.

Additionally, the user can restrict what will be shown for each calendar they choose to publish.

On top of this, the admin can restrict via sharing policies the maximum amount of information users can publish, and sharing policies can be tied to a certain set of users.

So there is some risk in enabling the facility, but by default no user’s calendars are shared, and there are a number of controls available to user and admin to pull the feature in line with the business and individual user’s requirements.

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