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If the problem is still present at the time of i Cloud's launch, Apple runs the risk of another customer service disaster on the scale that accompanied thebotched launch of Mobile Me in 2008.

Problems syncing contacts, accessing e-mail, and other frustrations chronically plagued Mobile Me users for the first several months, ultimately resulting in Apple offering as much as six months of free service for early adopters.

Mobile Me users can also use their Mobile Me accounts as an Apple ID.

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This duality could quickly become a puzzle if there were no tools to synchronize the updated data on your computer or your mobile device.

From this point of view, there are users who want to have everything on the same site as Apple users using i Cloud and apps like i Message or Google using Google Drive and Hangouts, to name a few. The majority of users have them on the mobile and yet many do not know for sure if they are stored in their i Cloud.

The ability to do so will be critical to the early success of the company's new i Cloud service, since it relies on Apple IDs for syncing i Tunes purchases and other data.[partner id="arstechnica"]The problem with managing multiple Apple IDs with i Cloud first became apparent when Apple launched an early beta of one of its features called "i Tunes in the Cloud." It allows users to automatically sync i Tunes purchases between i OS devices and computers running i Tunes.

When you link an Apple ID to your i Phone, for instance, any apps, songs, and i Books you buy from your computer are automatically downloaded to your i Phone (and vice versa).

You will use this ID in all the devices you want to sync your i Cloud contacts with.

Also, it is necessary to update your i OS device to the latest version to proceed.

If you started using your Mobile Me account to log in to i Tunes for App Store or other purchases, older purchases are still associated with your older, original Apple ID.

That's not a problem on your computer—you can have multiple i Tunes accounts authorized on a Mac or PC.

This has been independently confirmed by other developers as well. Apple IDs "cannot be consolidated," according to Apple, and it's not possible to change your current Apple ID to match your Mobile Me account (trust us, we tried).

Keep in mind that Apple has stated that you can still convert a Mobile Me account to i Cloud but use a different Apple ID for i Tunes-related syncing.

A major i Cloud syncing headache won't help the perception that cloud services in general, and Apple's in particular, are inherently untrustworthy.

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