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To adequately assess the relevance of vaccine-related news, or the perils of vaccine-related situations you may find yourself in -- and to increase your knowledge about how to protect your loved ones -- several of the more common vaccine-related schemes you're likely to encounter are included in the following section, along with samples of each.[Note: This article was originally published in 1995. Reality for a list of citations.] Numerous studies indicate that vaccines cannot be relied upon to boost the immune system and protect an individual from contracting the disease the vaccines were designed to offset.

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) Medical personnel find it difficult to confront the vaccine issue head-on.

It is much easier to falsely justify the use of vaccines or simply reject the idea that they may be unsafe and ineffective.

If the vaccines were truly effective, only the unvaccinated would be at risk.

This argument also overlooks the potential for vaccinated individuals to spread the virus to unvaccinated populations.

Some doctors become so agitated when the topic is raised, they refuse to even discuss it.

Doctors who are willing to exchange ideas and concerns regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines often rely upon rationalization and denial.

In other words, when the vaccinated recovered from the ordeal, and did not contract smallpox, the cowpox was genuine; otherwise it was spurious.(139) Current uses of the double talk ploy may be found at almost any forum or seminar where vaccine policymakers congregate.

For example, at a recent FDA workshop officials indicated they were justified in administering new and unproven vaccines by claiming it is unethical to withhold them!

Sandra Huffman, head of Nurture: The Center to Prevent Childhood Malnutrition, "Increasing Americans' breastfeeding rate would prevent more childhood diseases -- and deaths -- than [vaccination programs endorsed by the government]."(125) A distinction must therefore be made: breastfed babies are immunized;(126-128) children who are injected with germs and other toxic substances are vaccinated.

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