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With this issue we hope to establish a climate in which a less emotional and a more open and scholarly discussion of these phenomena is possible.

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Theo Sandfort is Co-Director of the research program of the Department of J Gay and Lesbian Studies at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. Edward Brongersma is a lawyer and Director of the Brongersma Foundation for the research into the sexuality of youth. Alex van Naerssen is Research Coordinator of Social Sexology at the Department of Clinical Psychology and Health at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. The current social climate makes it rather difficult to look at these relationships in an objective way.

Sandfort, Department of Gay and Lesbian Studies, University of Utrecht, P. By almost exclusively studying these relationships as forms of sexual abuse, the social sciences have narrowed our view of this subject.

For example, for us it is difficult to understand what feelings were involved in and what meanings were attached to the ancient relationships we used to call Greek Love.

As the position of boys in society and the view about sexuality change, the phenomenon acquires different forms and contents.

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It was certainly a brave attempt to break the `Hornblower' mode, but it is difficult to see Ioan as a less noble and moral character. I found Gina deeply unsympathetic, the American waitress Syd, in a similar situation, was more favourable.The authors don't see man-boy relationships as necessarily pathological.This collection of articles should not be considered as an exhaustive treatment of the subject.The tone varied between poignant and hilarious, the character of the embittered lawyer was particularly entertaining.Apparently this novel is to be re-adapted for the US market.This is unfortunate, as the London setting seems intrinsic to the story, also although a US audience would appreciate the son's obsession with Star Wars, perhaps not with the same dry humour.

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