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and Sat; list of streets used CP p1a Market for sale of butter, eggs move to New Market from 16.02 CP p1a Green/ veg.market in front of Town Hall from Green Market CJ p3 Illustration of vegetable market 1877 photo of Lowther St poultry market; Carlisle in Camera 1 p6 City Minutes 1890-91 item 484 lists all street stalls, their business and location City Minutes 1905-06 p396 Removal of potato market from Tait St to Crescent City Minutes 1926-7 p699 No vending around the Cross from about this date CN p9 In the 1860s CN p5 Street markets CN p11 Paddys Market again after 20 years CN p4 (illus of Town Hall) Paddys Market and others CN p4 Old Street markets CJ p1 End Paddys Market call by traders CN p7 Paddys Market doubt - is it legal?Perriam MAITLAND STREET City Minutes 1900-01 p 326 Approval for new street City Minutes 1922-23 p 393 Approval for 8 houses MALOYS COURT; Grey St So named on local directories from 1880; on voters list ubtl 1973; on 1901 census Edward Maloy, grocer, living in adjacent house, no 10 Grey St MALT SHOVEL INN Rickergate; present building completed , designed by Harry Redfern; renamed Robbies, Adrianos [Italian restaurant] S.

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Perriam MATTHEWS, F and SON Scotch Street Gents and boys outfitters CD 1955-56 Ad p270 MAUDLEN CLOSE Situated near Botchergate Toll Bar; to be sold in 1825 for building [CP p1] MAUNDY SERVICE see CATHEDRAL; MAUNDY SERVICE MAXWELL, J and W Fertiliser manufacturers Carlisle Grammar School Memorial Register p152 John son of William Maxwell born ; John, Mayor of Carlisle 1902-03; John Maxwell lived at 2 Victoria Place from at least 1888 - 1915, inside this house is a glass window bearing his initials 1882 Porters Directory Ad p80 English St; Solway Chem. The charter goes on to say that the aforesaid liberties and quittances belonging to the said city they have had from time whereof memory is not, i.prescription. This is described as coming from Metcalfe, Tobacconist, Botchergate.

and Manure Wks, Silloth CN p20 Ad MAXWELL, R and E Warwick Road Bakers CD 1952 Ad p212 Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p224 CD 1955-56 Ad pviii MAYBLINS Botchergate Newsagents CD 1952 Ad p77 Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p15 CD 1955-56 Ad p284 CN p7 Mayblins closes down MAY DAY CJ pp1,5 (illus) May Day rally in Carlisle CN p5 Harraby May Day-letter CN p4 Bid to brighten up May Day in city CN p4 City joined in rural celebration CN p4 City May parade was short lived CN p7 Distress call over May Day by bank management MAYORESS BADGE City Minutes 1898/99 p 121 Recommended to accept estimate of 62 MAYFAIR, Stanwix 1948 G. Now, legal memory begins from the first year of King Richard I, or 1189, and we may therefore suppose Carlisle had a mayor, bailliffs, and coroners at that time. A coloured postcard is on sale of the figure [2009] CD 1952 Ad p376 Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p277 METCALFE STREET First mentioned in 1871 census; J and R Metcalfe were Carlisle buildres in this period; EWS [Emergency Water Supply] painted in large yellow letters date from WWII and were to direct fire fighters to emergency water Society CP p1 Ad; To sell 2 newly erected houses Jane Young died Caldew View, Metcalfe Street [Mon. 24/28] CN p1 (illus) Developed City Council Minutes 1896-97 p408 Approval for 9 dwellings METHODISM John Wesley visited Carlisle on the following occasions-1764, 1765, 1770, 1772, 1774, 1776, 1780, 1781, 1784, 1786, 17. In his journal he wrote of the occasion house would not near contain the congregation, and the word of God was with power.

2007 p136 -40, illus CIC2 p14 Money from sale of pub provided funds for new public library CN p10 (illus) CN p1 CN p4 1847 Directory Jas.

Gilbertson 1861 census Letitia Gilbertson, victualler, 57, born Scotland 1891 census; Jane Little, hotel keeper, bn Irthington, aged 68 CJ Sale of pub; only pub owned by corporation 1901 census; Jane Little, aged 79, innkeeper, born Irthington Renaissance of the English Public House p62 layout plan Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p132 1967 photo of beer delivery Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme.

CN p2 Paddys Market will continue Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p28 Photo of market CN p8 Scattered markets, Shambles CN p8 Markets - what was sold where CN p10 Sands Cattle Market CN p10 Illustration of vegetable market CN p10 Illustration of potato market CN p1 Brunton Park market CN p1 Brunton Park market CN p15 Brunton Park market CN Supp xxiii When the country folk came to town CN p4 Street stalls go back long way CN p5 Farmers get own mart CN p9 (illus) Back to future for farm foods CN p7 Council backs farm markets; city centre likely CN p9 History of Paddys Market CN p9 Continental market in city centre CN p13 Letter concerning continental market; was it properly licensed?

CN p1 Great Food Fair; continental and cumbrian market CN p20 1954 photo of market MARKET - SUNDAY CN p16 Sunday market at Blackwell Racecourse CN p1 Sunday market at Blackwell CN p7 (illus) Sunday market at Blackwell CN p7 Sunday market at Blackwell CN p21 Racecourse market CN p1 Rcecourse rides into Sunday row CN p14 Racecourse boss blasts car boot critics CN p1 Puting the boot in CN p25 Boot them out - angry residents CN pp1,12 Boot for bid to stop race sales CN p1 Market ready for the off CN p11 Sunday market scheme CN p9 Sunday market nearer CN p3 Market battle ahead CN p19 Sunday markets backed CN p13 Yes to market CN p17 3 market tenders CN p12 8 bid for Sunday market contract CN p5 Sunday market set to open next week CN p5 Thousands visit market CN p5 Rush to market CN p17 Closure of Sunday market CN p1 Sunday market hold up CN p7 First Sunday market this Sunday at Rosehill Auction Mart MARK LANE William Mark, proprietor of houses, is living on West Walls, immediately adjacent to Mark Lane, on the 1861 census MARKS AND SPENCER First mentioned 1910-11 Carlisle Directory CIC2 p58 Photo of facade 1930 E. Johnson (Conservative); 1964, 1966, 1970, Feb 1974, Oct 1974, 1979 ,1983 Ron Lewis (Labour); 1987, 1992, 1997, 2001, 2005, E. Martlew (Labour) CN p10 CN p5 MEMORIAL BRIDGE; RICKERBY PARK Unveiled See Suspension Bridge MENCAP CN p2 Mencap opens city office CN p19 Mencap celebrates 40 years in city MENTAL HEALTH see also GARLANDS HOSPITAL, MENCAP, CO.

Carmichael [in Tullie Hse] showing mill dominating landscape CJ Accident at mill; 15 year old girl killed by fall into machinery 1851 census James Rothwell, aged 65, master cotton spinner, born Lancashire Manchester Guardian p7 Ad Mains Factory for sale, 11,000 spindles 1858 Carlisle Directory Wm Parker and Co, the Mains, Cotton manufacturers 1861 census William Parker, cotton, gingham and check manufacturer,bn Flintshire CJ Dramatic fire at Mains factory; history of factory CJ Factory called the Mains to be disposed of CJ Works transferred to John Thomlinson and Mr Buck of Dalston CJ Strike at Thomlinson and Bucks CJ Sale of portion of the mill plant CJ Brown Tran and Co purchase the Mains CJ Brown Tran and Co, Albion Mill, description of works 1918 Electoral Register Thomas and Annie Brown CJ Thomas Brown and Co, Albion Works; new plant Linton Holme; a suburb of Carlisle M.

Dickens pp 9-12 Carlisle in Camera 1 p49 Photo before 1910 Carlisle the Archive Photographs p97 cotton factory under Brown, Tran, about 1907 CN p9 Mains Cotton Factory; D.

The Devonshire private estate ran up Stanwix Bank to Etterby Street, down Etterby Street to Etterby Terrace and back to Cavendish Terrace; street names show the familys noble connections MARRIAGE GUIDANCE COUNCIL see RELATE MARRIAGES CN p8 Woman arrested over fake marriage claims to immigrant MARSDEN, William Machine and steamloom-maker, Damside, English-gate [Jollie 1811 pp83, xvi] MARSHALLS Scotch Street China and glass Guide to Carlisle Ad C178 CD 1880 Ad pxxii CD 1884-85 Ad p269 CD 1893-94 Ad p168 MARSHALLS TOY SHOP Scotch Street ; founded 1864 CN p14 (illus) MARSTON, Thomas Hosier of this city died ; Monumental Inscription in St Cuthberts Yard 1811 Jollies directory lists a Thomas Marston, stocking manufacturer, hosier and cotton yarn and commission warehouse, Castle Street (Removed from Strongs Lane, English Street) MARSTON, Thomas Merchant with a shop on English Street. Martindale, aged 62, Druggist, born Castle Sowerby, home address English Street [1851 census] M442 p38 Business card for chemist and druggist, Market Place 1829 Directory p 161 Wm R. Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 19 census William Forster, joiner and innkeeper, aged 30, from Carlisle 1891 census; John Robert Dalton, aged 50, innkeeper, bn Cockermouth MASONS GARAGE Nissan dealership taken over by Benfield CN Supplement CN p8 The roots of success CN Ad supplement MASONS MARKS see also Cathedral, Tithe Barn CWAASOSVol 5 pp132-5 Masons Marks at the Cathedral, Deanery MATALAN CN p3 Matalan store opens in the city MATCHBOX THEATRES Sands; built 1858; taken over by Salvation Army in 1880; demolished October 1892 [CJ p2] See also SALVATION ARMY Carlisle an illustrated history p78 photo of Theatre when used by Salvation Army Carlisle Examiner p2e Applic Ation by Mr Holloway to erect theatre CN p10 CN p14 CN p12 (illus) CN p4 (illus) CN p4 CJ Erected by Joseph Holloway CJ p2 History of the Matchbox Theatre and other theatrical makeshifts CJ p2 John, Joe and James Holloway and Matchbox they built CN p9 In the 1860s CN p4 Old theatre was built out of wood CN p9 History of theatre; D. The next charter which mentions a mayor is that of Edward III, 1353, which recites, among other things ... Rafferty Story of Hudson Scott and Sons, 1998 1 BC 338 See W. Reader Metal Box: a History 1BC 338 See also Hudson Scott CAIH p70 CD 1952 Ad p386 City Minutes 1924-25 p644 Path to recreation field newly bought by Hudson Scott CJ p3 A year of continual expansion CJ p5 Bonus for shareholders CN p5 150th Anniversary CJ p5 150th Anniversary CN p5 150th Anniversary CJ p3 150th Anniversary CN p6 150th Anniversary CN pp5-6 150th Anniversary - pensioners celebrations and dinner CN p5 Hand bills CJ p2 History ENS p1 Planning new factory ENS p1 Metal Box holds safety week ENS p2 New factory described CN Supplement Now there are 37 Metal Box factories CN p1 Botcherby extensions CN p1 Reduction of design studio CN p12 Illustration of 1900 South African box ENS p11 Strike ENS p1 Deadline ENS p1 Deadline ENS p1 Peace hopes fade ENS p1 (illus) 400 laid off ENS p1 7 week strike ends CN p4 Humble start for a major city employer CN p1 Tests go on for killer disease CN p1 New city factory strike CN p23 Hope of averting full scale strike CN p22 Metal Box row talks cancelled CN p5 Metal Box flexible in deadline CN p1 New name CN p4 Top city firm began in a ....

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