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We feed ours four times a day, often putting the food in toys to stimulate the otters' natural behavior of pounding and working to get food out of shells.Our aquarists also teach the otters behaviors, like holding a target with their paws or walking onto a scale.

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I love the business and do plan to get my license before it's my time to go. Norm in San Antonio, Texas The snow is especially beautiful looking at it from Florida! Such a wonderful find, to see my home town any time that night vision is awesome! England Thank you for giving me a window on Lowell, I miss my home town and look forward to getting back there soon. Work took my hubby and I away from Lowell many years ago. Sadly, as I read the comments posted, I learned it is no longer standing. Very nice to meet you folks, America is a beautiful country and the people are so very friendly, I look in on you from Koln, Germany and remember a pleasant time at my Aunt's home, I shall visit again and enjoy your lovely music at the Boarding House Park. Although I've lived in Northern California for forty years, I grew up in Lowell. It's nice to see it still standing there in the distance on your webcam.

Thanks, and best wishes, Houston, Texas Love your webcam, I am very greatful for your services with my mom, I felt so much like I never left Lowell nice at home feeling. Karen P in Hill City, South Dakota Thank you for taking the time and effort to set up two webcams showing the weather conditions in Lowell. I am most impressed with the way you built up the old mills and brought out the history of Lowell. Sam in Key West, Florida Foliage is beautiful thanks for all the spactacular colors Cecile, Cocoa Beach, FL From distant California, I'm enjoying the 'ever changing' views from the new cameras. I said hi and I have a beautiful 1 year old baby boy named Kevin Anthony! My family has passed but my friends back home are dear to me.

Understanding how modern otters compare to their ancestors can help this threatened species recover.

Learn more on our Conservation & Science blog This clever and inquisitive sea otter has raised her first pup as a surrogate mother.

This is a proof of concept DIY display we use at maker and science festivals to give youth and adults an idea of how they can make their own webcam microscope at home. I'd tried to reply to this earlier but my reply seems to have disappeared - I suggested looking on ebay for inexpensive microscopes; I saw a bunch there for under $100 that would probably work.

Little kids love it, because it's easy to use and see and on a computer monitor; adults like it because it's not intimidating to do. On the old '70s era microscope we have (I had said "50s" before, but stand corrected on the microscope vintage! ), that's a simple matter of loosening the tiny screw and removing the eyepiece. put something under the microscope 7 open webcam viewer and 8. You can take screenshots of your microscope views and use them for science projects, or art, by playing with them in a photo editor. Children who are just begining to read on their own, read slowly. I remembered a classmate in first and second grade with a great memory. He was too busy sounding out the words to pay any attention to what he was reading. In the Cams, the clues Cam remembers at the end of the books, the clues that solve the mysteries, are there for the reader, too. They try to find the clues and solve the mystery before Cam does. The Cams are not simply chapter books with easy reading levels. We can't ask them to speed up their reading, so to keep their attention it's necessary to keep the story moving. First I set up the problem -- to create a mystery that will be solved with visual clues. I wanted to create a character young readers would want to read about again and again. I also remembered the trouble I had when I first learned to read, the difficulty I had with the books meant to follow the Dick and Jane series. Even in the late 1970s, when my first son was born, there were still very few books between the easy-to-reads and the eight-to-twelves. " He read every word of the book and understood none of it. Characters are introduced through dialogue and plot. I approach my Cam Jansen mysteries as math problems. For a free Cam Jansen teacher's guide Adler Picture Book Biography Teachers' Guide (pages may be reproduced for classroom use) bookmarks, other materials, please send a stamped, self-addressed 9" X 12" envelope (12 oz. I had already written a few books, but I wanted to work on a series. One of my sons once asked me about a book he had just read, "What's it about? Did your years as a math teacher influence your writing in any way? And this FALL look for a new Jeffrey Bones Mystery, BONES AND THE ROLLER COASTER MYSTERY. Box 121, Hewlett, NY 11557 Please, send fan mail and all other correspondence to David Adler, P. My first son had been born and I planned to stay home and take care of him while my wife returned to her work as a school psychologist. The Cam Jansen books (not the Young Cam Jansens) are transitional readers, books for children "in transit," from easy-to-reads to middle-grade novels. Comprehension is a real problem with beginning readers. Cam, as a girl, is curious and assertive, just as many girls really are. It's my hope that the current generation of readers will be open to treat people as individuals, whatever their gender, race, religion, or age.

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