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That means a 10 bolivar-priced empanada will cost poor Venezuelans 35.50 bolivars next year.Stagnant wages and high inflation on all items, including empanadas, have forced some, including doctors, to become sex workers.

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"Residents should not use the water without boiling it first, as boiling kills bacteria and other organisms in the water," a media release said. ET - Hurricane Irma had dropped to a Category 2 storm by early Sunday night after making landfall in southwestern Florida.

With 110 mph winds, the storm was slowing down but remained dangerous after it hit Naples and Marco Island. maybe a “little bit lucky” after Hurricane Irma switched direction and did not hit South Florida with its full might.

The pastry — stuffed with meat, cheese, corn or basically anything delicious — is a staple in the Latin American diet.

Fotografija govori dosta, nas ima raznih, kada bi sada pisala o tome šta volim a šta ne, mislim da bi to potrajalo.

The National Hurricane Center said, “although weakening is forecast, Irma is expected to remain a hurricane at least through Monday morning.”Update: p.m. Trump said the storm damage will cost “a lot of money” but “right now, we’re worried about lives, not cost.” Trump spoke to reporters after returning to the White House from Camp David in Maryland.

writer Cristina Silva writes: "The white sand beaches of the Caribbean that lure tourists from across the globe and fuel local economies were devastated in the wake of Hurricane Irma, with some tourism officials predicting loses in the billions of dollars." Read more here.Some were told to report to their nearest prison or jail, while others were shunned, according to local reports." Read more here. ET - Police were watching for looters Sunday as Hurricane Irma began pounding South Florida.In Fort Lauderdale, there were at least nine arrests for looting. writer Janissa Delzo: "Hurricane Irma, a catastrophic Category 4 storm, has eerily proved to live up to the meaning behind its name: war goddess. writer Jessica Firger: "Officials are well aware that incidences of rape and assault become more common in the wake of hurricanes such as Irma and Harvey.Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro got so hungry during a lengthy, live broadcast to his starving nation Thursday that he pulled out an empanada and started eating.Already mocked for being overweight, Maduro didn't think the cameras were still on him when he took a big bite of the empanada, a trademark Spanish meat pastry.writer Robert Valencia writes: "Hurricane Irma’s wrath and mandatory evacuation orders in Key West were not enough to deter staff at Ernest Hemingway’s Home and Museum —and its 54 six-toed cats — from leaving." Read more here. ET - Some Florida residents were being told Sunday to boil their home water to avoid getting sick from contamination.

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