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” says Jessica Sutton, lead curator for Dot & Bo, a design inspiration and home décor company.

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And when you buy the light two years ago, does that even count? It’s amazing what paint will do to help update them!

I am trying to play catch up by posting some projects that I’ve had done for a while, but have yet to blog about.

But I was almost out of my ORB spray paint so I wanted to make sure it had a dark base.

When the parts were dry to the touch (about an hour later), I installed it inside: The chandelier we’ve had in here has looked odd to me since we started the transition to a library instead of a dining room.

Not only is this one of the easier (and relatively cheaper) projects you can take on, there's also another big benefit: You’ll generally see a full return on your investment when you sell your house. Now here’s how to give your lighting a "wow" factor.

Before you start shopping, you need to plan.“Ask yourself: Is the fixture going to be purely decoration or the main source of light for the room?

Try as you might, those rustic beads might look a little strange in your industrial-style loft.

old light fixture, and you're throwing some serious shade to those modern traditionalists you know.

(Read more about that here.) Our old kitchen table still sits in here, only because we haven’t made the new furniture a priority. ) Anyway, the old light was too detailed for this space and I wanted something a bit simpler.

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