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We had nothing whatever in common, and I fled as soon as decently possible.

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's Brandon Voss, the 50-year-old Hollywood hunk comes clean about those paparazzi rumors while revealing intimate details of his so-called "bromance" with "Ocean's Eleven" co-star Brad Pitt and speaking at length about his much-publicized support for marriage equality.

"I think it’s funny, but the last thing you’ll ever see me do is jump up and down, saying, 'These are lies!

My private life is private, and I’m very happy in it. I'll be long dead and there will still be people who say I was gay.

I don't give a sh*t." As for his relationship with Pitt, Clooney clarifies that while the pair is frequently photographed together at award shows and other events, "the truth is that we see each other very rarely, maybe a couple times a year." He went on to note, "I've had great fun spending time with my friend again over the awards season.

Henning Wiechers, who conducted the recent survey on behalf of Metaflake, the vast German online dating agency, claimed that when people are too old to go clubbing, they need to access a second marriage market — and that the internet provides the perfect forum. While online dating is certainly booming in popularity — the industry is worth £170 million in the UK, with nine million of us now logging on in the hope that we will find somebody, otherwise unreachable, who will be just right for us — my experiences should serve as something of a warning to others looking for love online.

After my partner died, I thought to myself: ‘Online dating is the modern way to go.’ I was pretty certain I would soon find my ideal person, somebody clever, witty, good-looking, successful, excellent company, open to new ideas, well-read and with a sense of purpose in life.

Fatherless John Farley's youth frustration, even trauma, like many his school kids' in his Nebraska small town home, was the constant abuse and humiliation in sadistic Jasper Woodcock's gym class.

After college, doting son John became a motivational bestseller author and returns during a book signing tour to receive the backwater's highest honor.

Once you are retired, widowed or divorced, it feels all but impossible.

Yet on internet sites, there are dozens, hundreds, possibly even thousands of single people seemingly just like you, all looking for that special person to alleviate their loneliness and provide excitement and companionship for their later years.

"It's always been this albatross that stood out to me as the final leg of the civil rights movement," he told Voss. 8, I've made the point that every time we’ve stood against equality, we’ve been on the wrong side of history.

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