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Please use these prices as a rough estimate of what a similar item might be expected to sell for at one of our e Bay auctions.Since the condition of each item is not listed below, the price of your item could be higher or lower. Hummel Figurine Crossroads 331 TMK-7 5.00 2 Sterling Silver Bent Handle Ornate Floral Porringers 0.49 6 Waterford Crystal Rosslare Claret Glasses 3.50 Technics Quartz Direct Drive Turntable SL-1200 Mark 2 4.40 2 Precious Moments Praying Indian Figurines Boxes 4.17 Classic Majolica 11" Plate with Embossed Dog & Doghouse 1.50 Longaberger Wrought Iron Generations Stand FS Baskets 0.50 A. Hill Sterling Silver Serving Fork and Spoon 8.49 Longaberger Basket 1990 May Violet Combo Near-Mint!

there (it might be hinted at in the main story beforehand, but it's not a mandatory fight at any point and its direct involvement in the plot may not extend further than the player seeking it out to kick its ass because they can).

Contrast Skippable Boss, which is (as the name implies) possible to avoid entirely, but is probably going to end up being fought if the player takes the most intuitive path — in other words, it is fought by default.

A Bonus Boss that is a boss from a previous game is a Legacy Boss Battle.

Compare Secret Character for hard-to-find Player Characters.

Towle King Richard Sterling 86 Piece Flatware Set Box $1,085.00 Hummel Figurine Ring Around the Rosie 348 TMK 4 $909.98 Hummel Century Collection Figurine We Wish You the Best $770.00 Hummel Figurine 8" Umbrella Girl 152 B TMK 3 $533.00 Hummel Figurine 8" Umbrella Boy 152 A TMK 3 $504.99 8 Lenox China Rutledge Cream Soup Bowls 8 Saucers $390.00 Hummel Century Figurine Strike Up The Band 668 TMK-7 $380.00 Hummel Century Collection Figurine Love's Bounty 751 $368.33 Fostoria American 18.5" Punch Bowl with Base & 16 Cups $350.00 8 Lenox China Rutledge Cream Soup Bowls 8 Saucers $345.00 Precious Moments Growing in Grace Figurines Infant - 16 $330.05 Vintage Dynakit 70 Stereo Amplifier $305.99 Franciscan China Huntington Tea Pot with Lid $305.00 Comdial DXP Digital Communications Phone System $288.00 Longaberger Wrought Iron 5-Tier Bakers Rack Shelves $285.01 Longaberger Wrought Iron Large Bin Organizer Baskets $280.00 Longaberger Pottery Trad. $178.49 8 Lenox China Rutledge 10 7/8" Dinner Plates $177.50 Longaberger Wrought Iron Envelope Rack Basket Combos $173.49 22 Longaberger Basket Traditional Holly Liners Bows $172.50 8 Lenox China Rutledge 10 7/8" Dinner Plates $172.50 Thorowgood Griffin 17.5" Medium General Purpose Saddle $168.00 5 Longaberger Horizon of Hope WW Baskets Full Sets !

3.02 6 Longaberger All-American Baskets Pie, Carry-Along 2.71 Longaberger Basket 2004 Signature Medium Shoulder Bag 1.55 Monumental Capodimonte Sculpture of Man on Park Bench 4.50 Mercedes Benz OEM Six 6 CD Changer Model MC3198 3.50 Franciscan China Desert Rose Soup Tureen Lid 2.50 Longaberger Wrought Iron Paper Tray Stand with Baskets 1.51 Brigade Miniatures Sudanese Dervishes on Camels Set #7 0.00 Longaberger Basket 2000 Hostess Large Hamper, Lid 8.47 Thorowgood Sigma 17.5" Xtra Wide General Purpose Saddle 6.94 Royal Doulton Figurine Blue Beard Pirate HN2105 2105 2.50 Sterling Silver Cold Meat Fork with Embossed Fruits 0.50 19 Antique Sterling Silver Corn Cob Holders / Picks 7.50 Pair Hummel Figurine Ba-Bee-Rings 30/0 A & B TMK-6 2.49 Longaberger Wrought Iron Umbrella Stand Basket, Liner 8.05 Longaberger Club Basket 1999 Family Picnic Full Set 7.77 Royal Copenhagen Fluted Half Lace Coffee Pot Lid 7.50 8 Franciscan China Desert Rose Footed Sherbet Dishes 5.38 Steiff Nimrod Teddy Set 0210/22 Roosevelt Commemorative 2.50 Franciscan China Desert Rose 10.5" Cookie Jar Lid 2.50 Franciscan China Desert Rose Pattern Pitcher 5 Mugs 2.49 Longaberger Basket 1999 Hostess File Full Set !

The following is a list of our Antique & Collectible e Bay auction results dating back to February 2005.

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A Bonus Boss is well out of the way, and fought by default.

A Bonus Boss that drops useful items may lead to Unstable Equilibrium.

Collecting Friends Along The Way .89 Longaberger JW Basket 1991 Corn Box .26 Longaberger Basket 1999 Hostess Newspaper w/ Lid, Liner .00 Longaberger Easter Baskets 1987 Spring Pie .00 Hummel Figurine Pretzel Girl 2219 Oktoberfest Scape .00 Longaberger Basket 1999 Hostess Sewing Lid .00 Complete Set of 4 Longaberger Pumpkin Baskets !

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