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We're not about to argue that Kim Kardashian married Kanye West for his money, but she did cash in on their union and off her previous 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries.

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These days, Amber Rose and ex-husband Wiz Khalifa get along well as friends and co-parents to son Sebastian.

However, shortly after their breakup, the ganja-loving rapper hinted that Rose's intentions may not have been so innocent when they first got together.

Mills had this to say about the ruling: "Everybody knows he is worth more than [$1.6 billion]," she told Eric Johnson was an unemployed NFL player when he met singer and fashion mogul Jessica Simpson, who has an estimated net worth of $150 million.

Almost five years later, Johnson is still an unemployed NFL player and father of two. Ironically, Simpson told CNBC's founder Hugh Hefner were slated to marry in June 2011, but she reportedly got cold feet just days before the ceremony.

Spears later called Federline her "biggest mistake," but thanked him for her babies.

Meanwhile, the fertile Federline, who's fathered two more kids with current wife Victoria Prince—for a total of six (at the time of this writing)—was reportedly receiving ,000 a month in spousal support from Spears until he remarried in 2013.

(That was on top of a reported ,000 monthly in child support.) When Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith was 26, she married 89-year-old oil magnate J. They were together from 1994 until his death in 1995.

In an effort to obtain some of Marshall's vast fortune, despite not being named in his will, Smith worked the court system for nearly a decade until her own death in 2007, and then her estate battled over his millions for about another 10 years.

The couple has a reality show currently in production, which reportedly documents their frequent and dramatic fights.

This despite Rob's own hatred of magazine, Datwon Thomas, explained Chyna's romance like this: "Chyna popped up, and all of sudden she's pregnant, and now she's got one of the most powerful pieces on the chess board.

When they divorced after four years, she made it very clear that she was unhappy about the financial settlement.

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