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I told her she didn't have to wait for me to be done, but she insisted on staying. I even caught her watching porn before too, but didn't bust her on it.

I had gone in there a few times, but she had been playing on her computer and listening to her i-pod as well.

And when she went really slow, it felt absolutely amazing to say the least. Then she went back up a little and put her hand back onto my dick as well. I fiddled with her hair a little bit, and had her look over at me.

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I think I might have seen it in her eyes over the past few weeks before that. Then we kissed again and I put my hands onto her butt. I was attracted to her also because she was a sweet lady. I rammed her like mad and made her moan really loudly. “Oh holy shit John you are gonna make me cum, I'm gonna cum now,” Eve said.

She wrapped her arms me as far as she possibly could. She was right, tits were not so important to me as it is to most guys.

I really didn't worry too much about the age difference honestly. A minute later she broke the kiss and proceeded to take off her shirt. Then as she stood up in front of my in her matching black bra and underwear, I got a huge erection.

What ever we do on our own time is our business,” I replied. We made out for a minute as we both put our arms around each other.

“And the ironic thing is that I think this whole time I've had a better relationship with you than him. And I hope you find someone to settle down with too. It's always nice to find someone you care about and cares about you too,” Eve replied.

Then she started laughing and she gave me a friendly hug. Fucking asshole,” Eve replied as she lifted her head up. I've really liked you since I started here, then I think I just felt something and it just happened. Then she went back into her office and began to gather her things. That jackass wouldn't have sex with me, but wanted to do it with his mistress. You have just been so nice, you actually listened to me. Then she started licking my dick up and down as well. She had taken my dick out of her mouth and grabbed onto it. She felt the really nice bulge in my pants for a minute and began undoing my pants.

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