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On January 1 this year he began sending her threats, which gradually intensified before he started sending her nude pictures he took of her without her knowledge while she was living with him in Jamaica.

Tell me a little about the first episode you guys ever made.

According to testimony and evidence presented at trial, on February 6, 2017, Spence arrived at the Orlando International Airport from Jamaica with a smartphone.“He told me he would shoot me in my head and stab me in my heart if I did not return to him in Jamaica,” Chisolm told the Jamaica Observer.

According to the former anchor, she ended a relationship with the man in April 2016.

Chisolm said she was told that she needed to mail her laptop and phone to Jamaica as well as come to the island to give a statement.“I'm unable to do that because I need my devices to work, and the photos and videos are on his devices,” she argued.

When asked about the incident involving the Jamaican school children, Spence reportedly told investigators that he was not employed by the school, but his nieces attended and he'd gotten permission from a teacher to show students one of the videos, the complaint said.

We didn’t really know how to act, we didn’t really know how to edit, we didn’t know how to shoot anything.

So the audio was awful and the video was barely watchable.Over the years, their show has grown up along with the Internet: transforming from a low-budget hobby to a legitimate comedy force.Through their prolific output, they’ve found a dedicated following, created hundreds of truly hilarious sketches and shown every other web series how it should be done.If Facebook Likes, You Tube views and autotuned remixes are to be believed, Jake (Hurwitz) and Amir (Blumenfeld) are two of the most popular people on the Internet.Since 2007, they’ve been producing their eponymous web series for College Humor, which follows their comedic double act as mismatched cubicle mates through some truly absurd and ironically not-safe-for-work situations.Whatever the case is, everyone on our site shares the common desire to find someone special and start an exciting new chapter in their lives.

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