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Sharde dreams of a colorful dress to suit her rainbow unicorn wedding, but her mother does not approve.Bride Spencer wants a very avant-garde & dramatic gown for her day.

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She's helping bride Bailey decide if she truly chose her perfect dress.

Meanwhile, bride Jessica is so indecisive she may not find a gown, and Crystal wants impossible alterations!

Lori hopes her dress fits since her wedding is in 9 days!

Southern bride Danielle gets some help from her girlfriends in the quest to find the perfect glamorous gown.

Lauren has a $2,000 budget but is in love with a dress that will blow her budget to shreds!

Shoshana is a struggling actress, paying for her own dress to complete her special day.Bride Katie wants a classic ball gown, but her fiancé would like something sexier!Liz is anxious to finally wear the Pnina dress she chose with friend Danielle Jonas.Now its Randy’s turn to give back to her by surprising this shocked bride with a VIP day at Kleinfeld!And the surprises keep getting bigger and better all day long!Ali wants to look like Beyonce on her big day, so she'll need a sexy gown with tons of sparkle.

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