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I am sure that you have noticed that the dark magic drains much of your regular power." Qistina told Nuha.

Sitting there nothing came to mind, suddenly Jake snapped his fingers then closed his eyes.

Gen, Rosalinda, Rashala and Sheeka had been talking when all four of them looked up at Jake with huge smiles.

Especially after the dark magic was fused to me with elemental power." Nuha related.

"I had wondered why your dark magic felt so different.

Withering in a massive amount of pain a true hatred of the leader took hold within Tankena. " Qistina roared as she watched Tankena roll into a ball as the pain increased. Tankena took it as long as he could 'til the pain was far more than even he could take.

Suddenly with a low scream issuing from his throat Tankena was unconscious.Tankena tried his best not to smile; he had to hide it before ... Qistina had noticed that Tankena was smiling the more she got upset.Firing off several bots of energy at Tankena, Qistina smiled as several overcame his defenses. " Smiling more with an evil glint in her black eyes, Qistina increased the energy she was striking Tankena with.Nuha had been smiling the whole time, and then she remembered that the leader had mentioned that she needed Tankena's power.Siding up to Qistina, Nuha whispered, "leader if killing him will aide our mission then I am with you. I am confused leader." "It is simple my second, though our dark power is great there are many who can resist. That piece of filth the king and my, I am ashamed to say it, sons.Jake sighed as he watched the visage of his and all the Jinns, five enemies head deeper into the desert.

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