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Contrib themes would be those downloaded from - a base theme, for example.The custom theme folder is where we should place our ‘Atlas’ theme.Nevertheless, the large majority of this tutorial should hold up just fine. INFO file is found in the root of the theme or module.

drupal theme css not updating-18

When we’re done, the folder structure should look like this: file, we’re going to have to create a few key/value pairs called mappings.

The four required mappings that we need to create in order for our theme to work are: name, description, type, and core.

We’ll create the basic file structure as well as a critical configuration file so that Drupal will recognize our theme and let us enable it.

Before we get started, a brief word on the current state of Drupal 8.

For example, anything that deviates from the official update process documented here: [url removed, login to view] The "documentation" does not have to be fancy or anything, it could be simply "When uploading new Drupal files, do not overwrite these files." My goal is to be able to update Drupal on my own, going forward, upon completion of this project.

I'm running into an issue that I'm not sure how to diagnose.

Poking around in inspector, the css files have a suffix, which suggests that something is still aggregating or modifying the files.

I'm not sure what that would be, I didn't set up sass for the this project, so the sass recompiling isn't likely what's going on here.

Fortunately, YAML is pretty straightforward and most folks won’t have trouble making this adjustment. The naming and placement of this file is very important.

It has to include the name of our theme and it has to be saved inside a folder with the same name as our theme.

There are others we will add later, but for now all that we want to do is have Drupal see our theme so that we can enable it.

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