Drew chadwick and camila cabello dating

Their first album spawned mild hits Boss and Sledgehammer before Rn B smash Worth It (Featuring Kid Ink) took them to the top end of the charts (landing at No 3 in the UK).Follow up single Work From Home (featuring Ty Dolla $ign) became their biggest hit to date – making No 2 in the UK single charts and 4 in America – while singles All in My Head (Flex) and That’s My Girl failed to replicate the same success.In January 2015 she was linked to British singer James Mc Vey of The Vamps – but he caused outrage by stating everyone in the band had “had a go” at flirting with Lauren.

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Asked by show judge Simon Cowell what her last name was, she replied Jauregui – pronouncing it like “Her-Ah-Gee”.

Alongside Ally Brooke (born 7 July 1993), Normani Kordei (born ) Camilla Cabello (born 3 March 1997) and Dinah Jane (born 22 June 1997), Lauren is one fifth of top 10 selling girl band Fifth Harmony.

On 13 December 2016 Lauren Jauregui was arrested while attempting to board a plane at Dulles Airport in Washington D. Following a search by airport staff, a bag of marijuana was discovered in the singer’s carry-on luggage and she was arrested by police who arrived at the scene.

She had been due to perform on stage in Brazil with her band – who were forced to carry on as a four piece as Lauren remained in the USA to deal with the crisis.

On 13 November 2016 gossip blogger Perez Hilton posted photographs of Lauren Jauregui affectionately kissing another woman on the lips while at one of her friend’s wedding ceremonies.

Fans of the singer – and girl band Fifth Harmony – blasted the gossip blogger for appearing to out Lauren as lesbian.

Lauren is of Latina origin and her exotic last name is pronounced differently from how it is spelt for native English speakers.

During her X Factor audition in 2013, Lauren introduced herself and made it clear how her last name is pronounced.

She is Cuban American and her mother, who was born on the Caribbean island, moved to America when Fidel Castro came to power, arriving in the USA “with absolutely nothing”.

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