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We're going to let YOU ask the questions that matter to YOU, and then Tyler, the founder and creative force behind RSD will answer them in detail – using the insider-perspectives of our elite Executive Coaching staff.

You get the benefit of the world's most active, most experienced and most driven teachers of attraction.

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Well, as you probably know, the guys who are actually good with women are often the worst at explaining what they're doing.

It's often tough to befriend these guys, and even then, most guys who are 'naturally' attractive to women have NO IDEA what it is they're doing... For one thing they've got a lot of women in their lives, so their time is pretty scarce...

RSD Mastermind is a highly responsive ongoing course.

What that means is that every single month, we'll be going over REAL questions from you and guys just like you...

It's a whole new concept in the 'Dating Industry' – a fully interactive service which allows YOU to get the content you need, tailored to the exact personal issues you face.

Each month, we'll open the doors to the thousands of guys who've chosen RSD as their one-stop-shop for dating and self-actualization advice.

Imagine that feeling of total frustration you get when you're totally stuck and unable to progress no matter how hard you push yourself...

..imagine the sweet relief as that “roadblock” dissolves like a sugar-cube in a clear mountain stream. giving you that feeling of rapid advancement as everything just falls into place, and seductive power rises effortlessly from the depths of who you truly are.

But I never forgot that frustration I felt when you're “stuck” on a plateau, waiting for that ONE IDEA that will FREE YOU, and catapult you to a whole new level of social dominance and sexual plenty.

That's what the RSD MASTERMIND course is all about.

In our DVD programs, (Foundations, Transformations, The Jeffy Show and The Blueprint Decoded), we've distilled these real-life teachings into potent, set-piece events designed (and proven) to explode your skills with women.

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