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To help with the process we have created our complete mortgage application enquiry form to ensure the mortgage advisor you speak to has the important information required to be able to quickly establish which mortgages you're eligible for.

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Lenders will need to establish what your household income is, in order to calculate the affordability of the mortgage you are applying for.

Every lender is different in a) what they ask for, b) what type of income they accept, and c) the amount they will deem you can borrow based on this income.

The LTV is the amount you are borrowing compared to the property value.

A mortgage of 100k and a property of 200k is a 50% LTV.

For instance, someone on £25k a year may be able to borrow up to 125k over 30 years, but perhaps only £50k over 5 years.

Lenders all have a different age they deem acceptable for working and retirement, and a different maximum age they allow borrowers to have the mortgage until.If you have a purchase agreed and are looking to get the mortgage ASAP; or if you need a mortgage agreed in principle to put an offer in on a property; fill out the in-depth form below as best you can and we will pass you on to a whole of market, experienced mortgage broker who will be able to find the best possible mortgage for you.the market and the lenders criteria, then there's little point in having access to it!If you’ve had adverse credit in the past, a good mortgage advisor will want to review your credit reports before doing anything - this will give them a good look at the information lenders will be using to assess the application, in terms of the specifics of each credit issue.With the right market knowledge the best brokers will do their homework before making any sort of application to a lender, and can match your credit history with the criteria of the right lenders.The advisors we work with have a red-carpet express service available, and are able to prioritise mortgage applications for borrowers who have had offers accepted on a property and are in urgent need of an approval.

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