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Once extremely popular in the Netherlands, it’s fabulous to see it making a comeback.This season will see Dutch fashionistas making bold and brash statements in red.This autumn in the Netherlands will be even more stylish than usual, and will show why we have the reputation as the best dressed people in europe. So remember, be bold, be loud and always proud and make sure that you follow the Dutch autumn fashion trends. Don’t forget to check out my site, my little black fashion blog and me for more essential Dutch fashion tips. No stylish people wearing red trousers were hurt during the writing of this post.

In The Boy Trouble Issue, George, a well-known singer, arrives at Teen Buzz, Rebecca thinks that George is flirting with her.

When she confronts Noah about it, Noah seems to not care and doesn't think George would do that.

The first big trend of this autumn, well every autumn actually, will be to wear more layers than a spekkoek.

Freshly returned from the fashion capital of europe…Zwolle, I’m excited to tell you that the buzz in the Dutch fashion industry right now, is all about the return of the color red.

Inspired by the environmental movement, another popular trend this autumn will be men’s shoes in bright green.

Expect to see bankers and makelaars throw away their brown shoes and replace them with green ones instead.

He says he is the only one allowed to called her "R" and he tries to mess up the video.

After many messed-up takes, Noah tells Rebecca that George calling Rebecca "R" ticked him off, causing him to want to mess up the video.

Rebecca is upset that Noah isn't jealous and doesn't believe that George would be flirting with her.

George then ask Rebecca to be in his music video and she accepts.

This is the relationship between Noah Jackson & Rebecca Harper.

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