Dating overnight

(If you love finding reasons to have others pamper you, though, there’s no judgment here: We recommend one of The 15 Most Luxurious Spas in America.) ; Buy now at If you’re after shiny, silky strands—no matter what kind of chemical or color treatment you may have—allow this overnight mask to leave your hair looking smoother than, well, silk.Infused with a cocktail of strand-repairing keratin, lightweight encapsulated grapeseed oil, and nourishing shea butter, it works just as well as a deep condition in the shower as it does on dry strands in bed.; Buy now at Cuticles easily get rough and ragged, especially as the seasons change and skin goes a little bit haywire.

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In 1909 owners Barton and Emma Keiffer changed the name to the Swan Hotel; and in 1940, owner Fannie Miller decided to change the name again to what we know today – Throughout many years this tavern was certainly an important asset to the community, for it was a place for the townspeople to pay their taxes, catch up on local gossip, or to enjoy delicious meals or a refreshing beverage.

After countless months of hard work, meticulous planning and restoration; coupled with overwhelming enthusiasm and excitement from the community, this tavern is once again open for business.

For those who are inspired by the guarantee of this mask to change their hair, check out the complete guide to fall’s hottest hair colors and cuts.

$32; Buy now at Whether you’re a regular city-dweller or just feel dirty, employ this overnight face mask to cleanse and detoxify your face of pollutants, free radicals, and other damaging compounds that cause damage.

The unique bubbling formula allows for increased oxygenation, allowing your skin to absorb more of the quenching ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

; Buy now at Don’t feel like making an appointment with a facialist?

A lock-in is a similar event held in a setting other than a private home, such as a school or church.

The sleepover is often called a "rite of passage" as a young child, or a teenager, begins to assert independence and to develop social connections outside the immediate family.

(If you wish you were a city-dweller and are considering moving, consult our list of The 100 Happiest Cities in America before you make your decision.) ; Buy now at Talk about a multitasker: Not only does this night-time oil have serious skin benefits thanks to anti-inflammatory sativa seed oil and hydrating shea butter, but it’s got Tan-Luxe’s unique DHA formulation which helps your self-tan adjust to your own skin tone. ; Buy now at This two-piece gem is a legitimate wonder: All you need to do is work the floral-scented cream through your hair evenly, pop on the “Charlotte” sleeping cap, and go to bed.

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