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In an apparent move to extort action from an FCC administrator through the threat of force, coercion, and sexual violence, VE7KFM has once again targeted Laura Smith of the FCC.

Madera says, and we quote, "While Laura's still playing with her pussy, I'm going to shove something angular up her twat, if she doesn't soon get a grip on the situation." Listen here The extortion, public humiliation, and sexually violent threat against Laura Smith is a long-standing pattern of behavior in Karol Madera's obscene and violent repertoire.

Madera blew the amp and was not heard from for the rest of the evening.

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There is a chapter that covers satirical and critical pieces from the anti-Kennedy movement.” Nearly 100 years after he was born and more than 50 years since the debut of the coin that honors him, John F.

Kennedy offers much for collectors and numismatists to ponder.

Kennedy died than plans were laid out for a new half dollar bearing his image.

Kennedy was killed on [November 22] and the first dies were ready by January 2, a fantastic effort made possible only because of the presence of an existing design on Kennedy’s inaugural medal.” Garrett and Guth note that “Kennedy’s popularity as president is reflected in the fact that this coin is still being made today, more than 40 years later.” Some amazing Kennedy half dollar errors are featured in , by Nicholas Brown, David Camire, and Fred Weinberg.

Rice’s , 2014), this richly illustrated 304-page volume covers thousands of collectibles.

Readers on Amazon have called it “a wonderful reference,” “a beautiful book,” and “very interesting.” Coin expert James Bucki calls it “in-depth” and notes, “this book is not a one-sided presentation of the history of JFK.In a fitting tribute to his terrorist masters, Madera calls himself "Al Qaida Northern Command." "Madera demonstrates mixed traits of the obsessive-compulsive, narcissist, histrionic, borderline, and the anti-social, with elements of the schizotypal personality type.He also presents with recurrent themes of physical and sexual abuse of children. He is intelligent and extemely manipulative, and he has, in fact, incited the murder of Americans on several occasions." -- A clinical examination of Karol Madera's language and behavior, prepared for the Department of Homeland Security, January, 2012.Author Rick Tomaska notes that the Kennedy half dollar is a series that offers challenges and rewards “like few others in numismatics,” whether your budget is a month or ,000.And if you want to expand your collection of Kennedy numismatic material above and beyond just the famous half dollar, you’ll enjoy William R.We have continually invited Karol Madera to refute his own admissions against interest, not to mention the official and unofficial records which support statements that he is a liar, a fraud, a pedophile, a racist, a misogynist, a stalker, and a military impostor, who has incited murder of American citizens and allied himself with enemies of the United States.

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