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He told Spiegel back in 2004 that the 1968 generation were driving Germany towards disaster because they didn’t value the “typical German values of hard work, punctuality and discipline.

Every type of patriotism is rejected.” In fact his view of German values is so old fashioned, he sometimes sounds more similar to an Islamic fundamentalist than a 21st century German politician.

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At the beginning of 2018 Bavaria will have a new Minister-President after incumbent Horst Seehfoer agreed to step aside.

The man set to replace him comes across as a gruff populist, but is there more to him than meets the eye?

In Söder they have picked a man who rose to national prominence by loudly criticizing the government's refugee policies in 2015.

He also follows in the CSU's time-honoured tradition of picking a "strongman" as their leader.

But the CSU have an absolute majority in the state parliament, making Söder's promotion close to a certainty.

Seehofer was forced to step aside after the CSU scored 39 percent in the national election in September, a drop of 10 percent and a disastrous result for a party who are used to ruling the wealthy southern state with next to no opposition.

“Söder’s biggest weakness is that he only knows black and white and he stays true to the motto: either you are with me or you are against me.” At the same time, Kraft says that Söder has a reputation as a hard-working man of action.

When Bavaria was hit by flooding in 2013, he was trusted to sort it out because in his department “things happen frictionlessly and without much fuss.” Right from the start of the refugee influx in late 2015, Söder was sharply critical of the government’s decision to keep its borders open for asylum seekers.

In October of that year he said that “we demand a huge limitation on migration,” adding that “we need to talk about the basic right to asylum.” By questioning the right to asylum Söder was questioning a central aspect of international law.

He also later blamed the refugee influx for terror attacks in Paris and said Germany should think about building a fence on its border to Austria.

Fancy dresser Despite his penchant for a photo opportunity, Söder seems to be permanently grimacing.

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