Dating after divorce christian perspective

Then one night in bed, while making pillow talk, I said something playfully sassy and he playfully swatted my rear.

That "playfulness" continued for a while and I noticed him really watching for my response.

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Dating after divorce christian perspective

I wanted a fourth child and he didn't, yet he agreed to let me do In Vitro, which I did to no avail for 7 grueling months, but we went through it because I wanted to (basically supporting my deepest desires despite his own). A couple months ago, while searching for ways to curb my attitude, I came across a DD site (Taken in Hand).

I know how to push his buttons and have done/said things that would send most men 'over the edge' yet he remains calm and steadfast in his love and devotion. It brought back a long forgotten memory of a good whack on the bottom I received just two months into our marriage for acting like a "brat". I was young & hot tempered; I called my Mom and left.

Then I told him, "I think that this lifestyle may work for us", and at that time gave him "blanket consent". I was very passive about it, knowing that he had been burned by my younger, less-wise self.

I decided not to say anymore to him about the matter and for the next few weeks I demonstrated a very submissive spirit.

I became resentful and felt like the unrecognized 'glue' of our family and it ate at me all day. Because of God's infinite wisdom my husband was blessed to be born in a family that never divorced, so he played the part of reeling me back in when my instinct was to run far and fast. I started appreciating my blessing to stay at home, and did my chores, as God commands, with love and a meek spirit, in the truth that I was doing HIS work.

My hubby always came home from work and entered a war zone. He really suffered a lot for God, me, and our children. By simply allowing my role to fulfill me and bring me joy I made our home a welcoming place for my husband and became his soft place in this world.

I felt really bad, like I had let him down, but I wasn't really sure how. He called from the car just minutes after leaving and told me I was to be in our room, pants off, when he came home. The pit of my stomach dropped when he said, "you know your doctor said not to walk anywhere without your boot-cast on your leg unless you were on crutches, you could have broken that fractured bone". I have fractured that same bone .) I quickly put my boot-cast on and busied myself in tidying up the house, and then I took a shower.

I was trying to calm down because at this point I knew there wasn't going to be any playfulness involved.

This is my journey from a love that was such a burden to both myself, and my husband, but is transforming everyday into a beautiful, deep, eternal love.

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