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MYTH, FACTS, LOCATION & MAP Ursa Major is a well-known, significant constellation in many cultures.It is one of the oldest constellations in the sky, with a history dating back to ancient times.

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Adrasteia was one of the nymphs who took care of Zeus when he was very young.

Zeus’ father Cronus was told by an oracle that one of his children would eventually overthrow him and, fearful of the prophecy, Cronus swallowed all his children until Zeus was born.

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In Greek mythology, it is associated with Callisto, a nymph who was turned into a bear by Zeus’ jealous wife Hera.

Ursa Major contains a number of notable stars and famous deep sky objects; among them, the Pinwheel Galaxy (M101), Bode’s Galaxy, the Cigar Galaxy, and the Owl Nebula.

The constellation is referenced in Homer and the Bible.

A great number of tales and legends across the globe associate Ursa Major with a bear. Artemis had already banished Callisto when she had learned about the nymph’s pregnancy and broken vow.

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The mother and son take refuge in the temple of Zeus, where trespassing is punishable by death, but the god intervenes and saves them, placing them both in the sky.

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