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(Read Matthew -29) The passage for today is a special one to me because it is the passage that was the text for my candidating sermon here back in August of 2001. A pastor was being considered by a churchs Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) to become their next pastor.

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Candidating sermon

" Thats what Jesus is talking about as he comes to the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount. Thats why I say, if forced to have only a few pages of the Bible in my possession, the Sermon on the Mount is what Id take. More than that, much more than that, it calls upon its hearers to live it.

His warning is for his listeners to do more than hear his words. Live according to the words of the Sermon on the Mount and you will live the Christian life. Dale Bruner regarding the movement of Jesus toward "unqualified toughness" with the conclusion of his sermon: "Jesus began his sermon with unqualified tenderness, embracing in the Blessings [Beatitudes] those who felt least embraceable. Jesus words in the Sermon on the Mount are not just a theory, not just nice words to feel good about our Christian faith.

As we gather here with family and friends this evening…or have come here on our own…as solitary wanderers…seeking…some connection with the Holy. Of course, we are going to church on Christmas Eve.

For others, maybe some of you that did not grow up in the life of the churc...

Today brings to a conclusion our series on the Sermon on the Mount.

However, as we will clearly see today, it is not the conclusion of the matter.

Throughout Advent I have become fascinated with the many both/ands of our faith. We have some in part, because this is what we always do.

For we have been both waiting for the birth of Jesus – and yet Jesus has already been born. For some, going to church on Christmas Eve is woven into the family tradition.

They were impressed with his sermon and reported back to the committee.

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