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In 1982, his mother sent them to live in Miami with their father.

While there, Enrique was exposed to three different cultures and musical influences: Hispanic, European, and American.

Bachata – The Original Dirty Dancing Thoughts from a student of bachata in Edinburgh with if YOUwalk YOUcan DANCE by R. The past five years have seen an explosion in workouts and franchises which cater to the growing popular interest in dance-themed entertainment (Sky 1’s Got To Dance, the Beeb’s flirtation with the American format of So You Think You Can Dance, and the ubiquitous, riotously successful Strictly).

Barely a week passes without a new dance fitness programme or DVD sweeping the nation.

In a mere three years, Iglesias had sold more than 17 million Spanish-language albums, more than anyone else during that period. With 1998's Cosas del Amor, Iglesias moved to more mature content; his earlier material had been written when he was 17 years old.

Then came Enrique, his first Interscope album and first in English.

This advanced bachata, though less ostentatious than other genres, is equally complex and probably more difficult to dance with grace and confidence.

There is debate over the origins of the word, but apocryphally, it was first coined by Dominicans as a generic term for a bawdy backyard party in less affluent districts of the Republic, borrowing some styles, ideas, and rhythms from the romantic Cuban bolero as well as various other genres.

At the dawn of the new millennium, Enrique Iglesias was the best-selling Latin recording artist in the world.

The son of multi-million-selling singer Julio Iglesias, Enrique was born in Madrid, Spain, where he lived with his mother, his brother Julio, and his sister Chabeli.

After a Spanish compilation in 2008, Enrique released Euphoria in 2010, which gained attention on the strength of the singles "I Like It" and "Heartbeat." Besides touring, he released three non-album singles in 2012.

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