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On January 28, 2015, Wayne sued the label and its owners, brothers Ronald “Slim” Williams and Bryan “Birdman” Williams, for million, citing an array of alleged misappropriation, including withholding financial documents, nonpayment for signing Drake to their joint Young Money Entertainment imprint, and reneging on million of a million advance payment for his album hostage.

“To all my fans, I want u to know that my album won’t and hasn’t been released bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. Wayne described himself as a “prisoner” and wrote, “I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain’t that easy.” The aptly titled In a genre that extols the virtue of loyalty, Lil Wayne’s estrangement from the crew he’s been so crucially tied to — as an artist and as a vital talent scout — is almost unfathomable.

when you turn in an album, you’re supposed to get paid.

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The litigious ethos hails back to the label’s beginnings.

In 1998, Wendy Day, the founder of the Rap Coalition, was an architect in Cash Money’s unprecedented distribution arrangement with Universal Music Group that’s still lauded today.

Cash Money Records was the biggest label in the city. Still, when it came time to find a major label home, he was already intrinsically a part of the Cash Money machine. He put me here.” Despite the publicity around Wayne’s lawsuit, Drake has been quiet, save for his mysterious mixtape.

Because of the Jas Prince connection, Drake had signed with Cortez Bryant, who was until 2009 the GM of Young Money Entertainment; and Wayne appeared on several tracks on It’s likely Drake felt like he owed his mentor and manager the loyalty of signing to Universal and Cash Money.“[We were looking for] all the creative control and all the say-so over the project… Several news outlets and industry insiders have opined that his surprise release, , on February 13, was a actually an attempt to leave the label by speedily fulfilling his contractual obligations to it.

As a teenager from the Magnolia Projects in New Orleans (also the home of Cash Money), Turk saw joining the label as his ticket out of the hood. He never had an attorney review his recording contract.

“My grandmother to this day, she had told me I should of had an attorney,” he chides himself now. Why do a contract when these people [Cash Money] want me and they looking out for me?

“I should’ve got one but me being young, being in the projects, I’m seeing all the gloss and floss. At the time, I’m thinking a contract will hold me back. ”Turk’s implicit trust and faith is indicative of Cash Money’s insular and close-knit culture, with many young men under the watch and mentorship of the older Williams brothers.

Turk says that he and his fellow artists believed that Cash Money was looking after their best interests.

Philipian herself ultimately severed ties with Wayne over compensation issues and filed legal action against Wayne, Cash Money and Universal Music Group in 20 for breach of contract, defamation and other allegations.

She eventually dropped her suit against the labels and settled out of court with Wayne. “I’m in a good place with Wayne right now,” she says. I kiss my daughter, my other son.” In 2014, Turk explained to The Williams brothers held a special charisma for the young men they signed.

The rapper has spoken publicly about growing up in a tumultuous household and being exposed to guns, drugs and sex before puberty.

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