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But, according to Press, at least 30% of participants wanted a second date with their match.

But then, the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that 35% of those married from 2005 to 2012 met online before entering into a relationship.

He writes in his book about digital matchmaking counterparts, old and new such as the “29 dimensions of compatibility” used by e Harmony or the percentage of “match,” “friend” or “enemy” on OKCupid.

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According to a study from Matches That Matter, people spend 12 hours a week trying to get a first in-person date.

Lots of swiping, clicking and back and forth happens in between and most of that probably never leads to an actual in-person meeting.

Project Fixup first takes you through the typical process of uploading pictures and putting in your dating preferences.

This new “digital matchmaker” site aims to use online dating technology to hook people up with their potential mates, but use real humans as the matchmakers.

But all those winks, pokes, nudges and swipes are a waste of your precious time in looking for love, according to new dating site Project Fixup.

It then asks you to take a simple quiz about your interests, likes and dislikes (see pic below.) But then here’s where Project Fixup diverges from other online dating sites.

but that wasn’t what matched people up the best.” Press and her co-founder found matches worked better when they had the same interest in tech or both wanted kids or not.

“Those were much more important questions for us to ask,” Press says.

“We heard the rumors all the way in Chicago about the challenging dating scene over in SF,” says Press.

Here’s to hoping for more meaningful matches in the city by the Bay than what’s offered in some shallow app.

Co-founders Sarah Press and Jason Skicewicz came up with the idea while in Techstars Chicago this past year.

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