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For one thing, he suggested by what he said that the evolution of the skyscraper seemed to be divided into a series of periods marked by fairly distinct architectural forms and methods of designs.He further suggested that these changes of shape resulted from the increasing size and height of the skyscraper and were made possible by technological advances under the pressure of a strong surge for profits.He made it clear that change in form was not basically a matter of style.

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These included the elevator, cage and skeleton construction, fireproof protection for columns and beams, isolated footings and caisson foundations, and the rest.

Without quite realizing the significance of his insight, Schuyler was actually laying the groundwork for an approach to the history of skyscraper art that has been neglected until now.

The first he identified with the "wild work" being done in the 1880s.

The second was a tripartite pattern beginning about 1890.

Nothing compares with this inspirational form of public art, that can be viewed and appreciated by anyone.

In 1899, Montgomery Schuyler, the eminent critic of the Architectural Record, wrote an article on the subject of progressive American Architecture called "The Skyscraper Up-to-Date," in which he lamented that the element of experiment seemed to have disappeared from the design of the skyscraper.The third, in the form of a tower, evolved largely in the pre-World War I period.In 1908, he wrote another article for the Architectural Record, called "To Curb the Skyscraper," aimed at finding some way to stop the malpractice of over-exploitation that was turning the downtown city streets into dark canyons.Times Online in UK has published a very thought-provoking and interesting article about the perils of choosing Architecture. Due to the current housing recession, salaries have dropped, and they are considerably lower than those in the Medical or Dental fields.It is titled “Who would want to be an architecture student? In that article, Tom Dyckhoff has laid down in detail the problems faced by architecture students after they graduate. We see the symbols of architecture everywhere around us. It is true that architecture students work very hard to get that “edge” over others. anything and everything that can help improve the living environment of human beings. And yet, this field attracts the most creative and romantic minds in the world. The work of an Architect one of the most challenging and enjoyable imaginable. Its not just about reading and writing all the time, but you must have a hands-on approach on many assignments. Architecture may sound like a 9 to 5 office job, but its not. Even as a student of Architecture, you get to work on real-life problems of designing functional buildings.

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