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The idea is to target small amounts of money toward investments. And people with an account of ,000 or more pay 0.25% in fees per year. Every dollar you invest is "automatically diversified across 7,000 stocks and bonds to help improve your return while reducing risk," according to Acorns. For example, trading listed foreign securities end up being a trade.Again, you're rounding up daily purchases made with a debit card. Acorns allows you to link as many debit cards — and credit cards — as you like. One 29-year-old I spoke with swears by using Robinhood. And there's the app called Stash — which lets you start investing with as little as .4) Want to stay with a big brand name? Bank of America announced in early September that it was updating its mobile app to include features such as a new tool with gizmos to let you add pictures and dollar targets to track progress with saving for that new car or spring break.

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It's important to realize that the more financial apps you add, he said, the more companies have some access to your bank account information and other data."People need to decide what works best for them," he said.

Yavor, 33, said he limits himself to a couple of payment apps to cover money he might owe family and friends.

Splitting the cost for tickets for an upcoming football game or concert is super easy with apps like Venmo, Square Cash and Zelle."You risk looking old-fashioned paying with cash or credit cards," said April Rudin, founder of The Rudin Group, a financial services marketing firm in New York City.

And we're going to hear more about sending money via smartphone after Apple launched its i OS 11 system Tuesday.

The game plan: If you set aside extra cash regularly, you're paying off some of what you borrowed and the interest doesn't keep building on that principal amount.

How you do it: If you're a Fifth Third customer, you download the app, input your student loans and decide if you'd add an extra dollar each time you use your debit card or just round up the purchase to the next dollar. Millennials like the idea of making small payments because they're not committing to give up a lot of extra cash each month, said Spence, who spoke at the Behavioral Finance Symposium at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business in Ann Arbor on Friday.

Acorns has five diversified portfolios that range from conservative to higher risk. Bank of America's app also cuts out steps for ATM withdrawals, enabling "cardless" transactions at the bank's ATM network. Or you could be unknowingly agreeing to turn over your personal information and digital footprint, especially if the site is offering apps for free when the same software costs a few dollars elsewhere.

Bank customers can start the ATM withdrawal process from their mobile banking app. You want to only upload and install apps from well-known stores, such as Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows Store and Amazon — even if some apps cost a few dollars, according to cyber security experts at PNC Bank. Josh Yavor, director of corporate security for Duo Security in Ann Arbor, said consumers should consider how many apps they really want on their phones.

He's also waiting for a really great excuse — or a birthday — to get an Apple watch to make it even easier to pay and go.

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