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Delays in negotiating access to the former Ansett terminal at Sydney Airport however, forced Virgin to use its original terminal there—a collection of prefabricated buildings without aerobridges—longer than was needed.As the airline grew, it acquired new equipment, enabling it to phase-out its older 737-400s in favour of 737-700 and -800 series aircraft with modern glass cockpits, winglets and greater fuel efficiency.In July 2008 Toll sold its majority holding via a special dividend to hold 1.7% of the company.

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Since then Virgin Blue has also announced an agreement with Vietnam Airlines which allows passengers to fly from Melbourne and Sydney and connect with Vietnam Airlines's destinations through its flight network.

In 2008, premium economy class was introduced throughout its entire fleet.

Virgin Group's holding in Virgin Australia has since been reduced, initially via a sale of a half interest to Australian logistics conglomerate Patrick Corporation, and later by a public float.

In early 2005 Patrick launched a hostile takeover for Virgin Blue.

At its inception in 2000, Virgin Blue did not have interline or marketing alliances with other airlines.

However, after the collapse of its domestic competitor Ansett Australia, it began a codeshare agreement with United Airlines.

Patrick had been unhappy for some time with the company's direction.

By the closure of the offer, Patrick held 62% of the company, giving it control. In May 2006 Toll Holdings acquired Patrick and became the majority owner of Virgin Blue.

after Qantas and it is the largest airline by fleet size to use the 'Virgin' brand.

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